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Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

Care Protocol







The unique ØREBLUE® method does not involve any medications in its unique protocol.

(which also means that patients taking medications are not required to stop)

The first stage consists of an in-depth diagnosis to evaluate the subject’s case and determine whether the ØREBLUE® protocol is required.

The audioprosthetist will perform all authorized hearing tests and examine the "personal medical questionnaire" filled out by the prospective patient.

Once we have ensured that the medical investigations have not brought to light any treated causes or illnesses that can explain the occurrence of the symptom, we can decide to proceed.

For this purpose, it is helpful to correlate, with the date on which the symptom first appeared, any events occurring in the patient’s environment that can help us understand the nature of the catalyzing stress.

A specific, personalized functional hearing rehabilitation program is then developed.

The subject will be accompanied throughout the duration of the therapy, and will be frequently and regularly monitored to ensure that the treatment is progressing correctly.

For this purpose, the audioprosthetist will conduct a hearing exam at the beginning of each stage to quantify the progress made since the previous segment.

Due to the specialized nature of the process, the rehabilitation sessions will all take place at the Institute.

The first stage is composed of 30 hours of rehabilitation, broken up into 2 hours of daily listening 5 times per week (Monday to Friday).

A 4 to 6 week interval is then required before beginning the next stage of 20 hours of work, distributed similarly to the first stage, followed by another 4 to 6 week break.

The third and last 20-hour stage serves to ensure the permanence of the therapy (provided that the subject practices appropriate hearing hygiene).

At the end of the protocol, the audioprosthetist will ensure that the subject has recovered the tolerance thresholds of a person with normal hearing. We base ourselves on the curves defined by the medical profession, as found in ENT medicine manuals (therefore using frequency thresholds of 105; 110; 115 dB)

Strict adherence to the ØREBLUE® methodology guarantees optimal results.

The ØREBLUE® method is based on personalized auditory sensory stimulation of the ear, with corrective actions that influence the central cognitive auditory system.

This practice is carried out using a digital auditory signal processing device, the only one in the world with CE Medical Class IIa certification, which transmits pre-processed music through an audio headset.

This auditory system therapy is intended to suppress inhibitory mechanisms put in place by the brain, thereby eliminating the invasive, disabling symptom.